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Ultimate Pain Management


Promotion of Ultimate Pain Management

Pain, especially in above conditions, used to be something many patients simply had to learn to “live” with. However with this new technique new hope has arisen describing a new algorithm in Pain Management that can provide complete in most cases or in few cases partial pain relief. This however is the beginning as this treatment modality will open new options and will give us new directions in research that can lead this simple technique to develop into a part of fast growing medical science.
There is dire need that this technique shall be discussed and disseminated among the personnels in Medical Profession so as to develop the awareness among them and to work and develop this Algorithm as a future Pain Management option. The following could be extended to Teaching Hospitals, Research Institutes and Welfare organizations:



Clinical Presentation Conferences / Lectures.

Topics could be as under:

  • Ultimate Pain management:

  • Discussing the technique of “Unmasking and treating the underlying Problem”. This discussion will also touch the major Myalgic Problems.

  • Trigger spots as the cause of pain:

  • Will give a detailed review of various trigger spots leading to severe disabling myalgic and rheumatic problems. This discussion will cover OA Knee joint, Lumbago, Cervical Spondylosis and Frozen Shoulder.

  • Latest Concept about Knee Pain:

  • Discussion will highlight the new concept about Pathology around knee and will give a detail account of the cause of Pain in knee Joint. Will discuss its treatment and Prognosis.

  • Lumbago-Sciatica:

Discussion will highlight the new concept about Lumbago, Lumbago-Sciatica. Organic factors in the strong Paravertebral Muscles causing Clinical Symptoms and will give a detailed account of its treatment and Prognosis.

Contact us to arrange these CPC’s at your Institution. All arrangements and Sponsorship to be done by the hosting Unit. Registration of the Institution mandatory.

Providing Consultation & Treatment to the Patients.

Collaboration can be established to treat the patients at various hospitals. Consultation and treatment can be extended to the patients who are enrolled through appointments. The treatment will comprise of three days of comprehensive treatment through the New Technique of Unmasking and treating the underlying problem.
Cases covered could be through all the three conditions

Hospitals have to cater for the appointments, meet the expenses incurred, to facilitate the Consultant and make all the arrangements. Follow up of treated cases will be conducted through tele-consultation/future visits.

Contact us to arrange Consultation & Treatment to the Patients at your Institution. All arrangements and Sponsorship to be done by the hosting Unit. Registration of the Institution mandatory.

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