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  • Annual Meeting Planning Committee of ACR rejected Abstract of the research to be presented........ Another effort to bring the findings and clinical evidence negating the conventional concept and explains that pain knee in OA is a referred pain.......and is not due to reduction in surface cartilage nor due to reduction in joint space or synovial fluid and thus amenable to complete recovery........ has been aborted for the time being. Seems....further effort is desired to bring this Root Level Discovery to the able body. Patients with Pain Knee in Osteoarthrosis around the globe will keep on suffering till the time that this basic research attains the attention of extremely busy ACR to pay an attention to this simple finding and take it as Focal Point of Discussion. Anyone in Person or Institution who can contribute to the cause....... by drawing attention of influential bodies to this research is invited to put their endeavour for the cause of Mankind and Medicine 20th Sept 2015 S
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  • On the invitation of Advisors Forum camp to treat patients of chronic pain among the employees of CIIT (Comsats Institute of Information Technology) was conducted at Medical Centre CIIT Islamabad on 22nd Feb 2014. This was in continuation to introduce the latest technique of unmasking and treating the underlying problem and take its fortune to the public. The camp created awareness and many senior academicians of the institute consulted themselves and brought their families suffering from chronic pain. These patients had long history of suffering and had been under treatment of various consultants. Follow up of the treated cases will soon be carried out at Islamabad.
  • Presentation was conducted at the invitation of Advisors forum CIIT (Comsats Institute of Information Technology) at the library Auditorium at Islamabad Campus. CIIT is one of the leading institutions in the country. Advisors forum of the Institute is known to be a group of most learned personals and scholars. The forum is the think tank of leading scientists academicians and administrators. There was an audience of more than forty. New findings in osteoarthritis knee joint and new treatment procedure in Pain management were taken with keen interest by all. Advisors shared their vision to further the cause of this research. Many in their personal capacity opted to extend any help to create a platform to complete this research.
  • On 17th of September at 0830AM presentation was conducted at Khyber Teaching Hospital Peshawar upon the subject of Pain Knee Joint. New findings on the subject were discussed in detail. It was an orientation lecture.
  • LATEST ON OSTEOARTHRITIS AND MYALGIA (FIRST EDITION) Author: Syed Zahid Hussain Bokhari Published: July 2013 Available on Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/ Latest-Osteoarthritis-Myalgia -First-underlying/dp/1490969357 /ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid= 1376334024&sr=1-2&keywords= syed+zahid+hussain
  • PRESENTATION AT SHIFA ISLAMABAD: Shifa International Hospital Islamabad invited Dr Syed Zahid Hussain Bokhari to a Clinical presentation conference that was held on Wednesday 19th June 2013. Latest Developments on Osteoarthritis Knee joint was presented at the Conference. Various Clinicians from the Hospital and Professors from Shifa College of Medicine attended the presentation. The Conference hall remained full and audience had even been standing and listening to lecture. The new developments were taken with great enthusiasm and various questions from the participating Doctors helped promulgate a better understanding of these new findings. Doctors showed their confidence towards this new development. Workshop was suggested by the senior doctors so that the technique shall come forth practically and they shall be able to examine its efficacy in their Clinical practice.
  • COMBINED MILITARY HOSPITAL PESHAWAR: Dr Syed Zahid Hussain Bokhari was invited to present his research at Combined Military Hospital Peshawar. Presentation conference was conducted in conference Room in the Specialist Block at 0800 AM on 14th June 2013. Senior Physicians, Surgeons, orthopaedic and neurosurgeon were present at the occasion. An audience of 50 Doctors attended the CPC. The new finding was applauded with great enthusiasm and it was commented that further interaction on the subject is desired to understand this new development in depth. An interesting question came from the Medical Department “The discovered trigger spots that are outside the knee joint and are the cause of pain Knee are a part of the process of Osteoarthrosis or these are an independent entity in themselves?”
  • Presentation on LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN ARTHRITIS AND MYALGIA at AFPGMI: Dr. Syed Zahid Hussain Bokhari under the invitation of Med Directorate GHQ Rawalpindi delivered a lecture to the trainees at Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute, CMH Rawalpindi. The seminar was arranged at Farooqi Auditorium on 13th of September 2012 at 0745 Hrs. An audience of more than two hundred Doctors attended the lecture. The topic of presentation was LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN ARTHRITIS AND MYALGIA. Presentation highlighted the research work on the latest concept of tendonitis as the cause of pain Knee Joint and gave at length the new technique of UNMASKING AND TREATING THE UNDERLYING PROBLEM. The new concept was taken with great enthusiasm by the young Doctors at the institute.
  • Med. Dte. Invites for a presentation : Med Directorate GHQ Rawalpindi has invited Dr Syed Zahid Hussain Bokhari to deliver a lecture on his latest research in Arthritis and Myalgia at Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute, Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi.
  • Pain Management Cell at HMC Long Delayed: Sunday 6th of May 2012; DAWN Newspaper of Pakistan on page 19, Metropolitan gave three column news about the efforts of Establishing Research Cell in Pain management at HMC.
  • Interest Shown by IRNUM Institute Of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine Peshawar: Recently views were exchanged about giving treatment to Cancer patients of the Hospital. A presentation to the Consultants at IRNUM is planned to be conducted in near future to discuss with them at length and to acquaint them with the Subject. It would be a unique opportunity to study and treat pain in Cancer patients through Ultimate Pain Management technique of Unmasking and treating the underlying problem and will further our knowledge and understanding of Pain Management.
  • Presentation on PAIN MANAGEMENT at Hayatabad Medical Complex HMC: Dr Syed Zahid Hussain Bokhari was invited by the Hospital administration to make a presentation on the subject. Chief Executive of HMC wanted to explore new options to reactivate the redundant PAIN CLINIC in the hospital and to explore options for that. The said presentation was given in the Conference Room of HMC on Monday 28/2/2011. Fourteen consultants from the department of Surgery, Medicine, Neuro-Surgery, Orthopedics, Anesthesia and Physiotherapy attended the presentation. A detailed account of the Technique of Unmasking and Treating the Underlying Problem was presented and its outcome in various conditions was shared with the participants. Findings of the technique were discussed at length. It aroused a lot of interest among the Consultants. The presentation was for half an hour while the question answer session went on for one and a Half hour. Dr S. Zahid Bokhari gave his recommendations about establishing a Rese

Achievements in Pain Management


Pain is inherently subjective, and a greater awareness of the need for taking pain seriously is growing among the health community as well as the public at large. This is particularly true for Osteo-arthritis Knee joint, chronic neck and back pain sufferers. Great majorities of cases are self-limiting and resolve on their own. The risk of recurrence and development of chronic disease is significant. Chronic back pain tends to be very difficult to treat. In these cases if the patient is subjected to surgical treatment it may become a dilemma if patient does not recover completely after that, as the anatomy of the affected area is now completely disturbed and patient looses any chance of recovery through conservative methods. This is just because of the reason of a wrong diagnoses that can be prevented by “Unmasking the underlying problem” through this new technique before deciding for the treatment (discussed in detail in individual chapters of Osteo-arthritis Knee joint, chronic low back pain and others).
It is learnt through our clinical experience that the Patient may report of continuing pain in the absence of an apparent definitive pathology. They have all too often been dismissed by health professionals who traditionally expect to find an organic cause for pain. Often such patient may be labeled as functional and physicians often think that reassurance will help the patient to cope with the problem. Even in the absence of such an organic cause, it is clinically observed that these chronic pains can lead to neurological feedback processes that only serve to worsen the pain and make it more difficult to treat. Thus this point cannot be ignored that there may be an organic cause that we are not knowing about. It is specifically true about the chronic low back pain and Neck Pain. This organic cause has been unmasked by the new technique and underlying lesions have been identified as the cause of pain. These lesion may be ligamentous or of tendon origin and are mostly fibrositis, tendonitis, or myositis.

Pain Management as a part of Department of Anesthesia:

Since long Pain management has been considered as a subspecialty of Anesthesia. It is appropriate here to discuss this aspect with a revolutionary concept so as to find new venues for answering the problem of treating chronic pain conditions. In a medical set up all the patients who are ill consult their appropriate specialty. Sizeable number of cases recover while selected pain cases out of these are referred to the physiotherapy department for management. Sizeable number of cases recover with physiotherapy techniques while still others remain having problem.
These cases are then traditionally the cases for the department of Pain Management. If we look at the fall out cases from physiotherapy department they are varied.  Neuralgic pain cases are managed by the department of anesthesia. However OA Knee joint cases, Low back pain cases that do not respond to conservative techniques of physiotherapy, cases of frozen shoulder, neck pain (commonly labeled as cervical spondylosis on the base of radiological findings) are the cases that cannot be helped to any extent. Thus these cases then enter the classification of becoming chronic problems. They keep on shuffling between the clinicians, physiotherapy and the department of anesthesia. Thus a gray area is created that harbor these cases. None of the three departments can own them, as none can treat them.

A New Hope

 These are the cases that we are talking about in our discussion of pain management. These cases have in fact been ill understood and academic and clinical evidence tell us that their etiology has till date been not ascertained by the medicine. It is just because that this concept has remained hidden from the eyes of the physicians and it has not yet become a part of the medical knowledge. “Unmasking the underlying problem” in all these cases gives us knowledge of their etiology that is very much curable and these patients can be well treated within days to complete cure. Thus large group of chronic problems will shrink down to a little, once this technique is understood and brought to medical practice.

Negating the Conventional Concepts:

In Osteoarthritis Knee joint the conventional concept that the narrowing of the joint space, reduction of the surface cartilage, drying of the synovial fluid are the cause of pain, is negated by this new concept. All these finding may radiological be very much there but these would not be causing the pain to the patient.
In fact there are two major lesions that are causing the pain knee joint and this technique has identified these to be outside the joint proper. Clinical results of the patients treated with this technique tell us that these two points are manageable and the patient becomes completely free of pain knee within a fortnight. Thus these findings tell us that despite the fact that there is radiological evidence of osteoarthritic changes it may be inappropriate to call these cases clinically as Osteoarthritis Knee Joint and they shall be termed as cases of “PAIN KNEE” rather.
Similarly in chronic low back pain majority of cases with marginal degree of disc prolapse, read on advanced radiological examination (CT scan and MRI) respond well to this conservative treatment. It seems that radiological finding in these cases were not the true indicators, of the cause of clinical presentation of symptoms. “Unmasking the underlying problem” in them, revealed the lesions that were pinpointed to an error of 2-4 mm and were possibly fibrositis, Myositis or facet joint pain. These are then accurately injected giving rapid recovery in two days time and complete recovery after healing in two weeks.
Same is true about the cases of neck pain termed as cases of cervical spondylosis. Radiologically these patients may be having lipping of the cervical vertebrae or even narrowing of spaces between one odd vertebrae, but unmasking the problem reveals, that their pain was because of trigger spots, that were lesions in the muscles in the cervical and scapular region and their clinical symptoms completely recovered except some neurological deficit in certain cases in whom there would have been a real nerve irritation in the cervical region. This is discussed in detail in the section of cervical spondylosis.

Syed Zahid Hussain Bokhari, (Author)
Latest on Osteoarthritis and Myalgia(First Edition): The Technique of "Unmasking and treating the underlying problem. Paperback
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